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New Patient - Acupuncture Treatment and Evaluation - 1.5 hoursrs ($125):

A complete evaluation of your body systems to determine the root causes of imbalances. Dr, Sadira will then discuss a treatment plan with you as well as perform your first Acupuncture treatment. The treatment plan may include herbal therapy, supplements and nutritional recommendations according to the best course of treatment. She may also use essential oils and an infrared heat lamp to further enhance relaxation and soothe muscle spasms.


Acupuncture Treatment Follow-up - 1 hour ($85)

An Acupuncture treatment based on your individual treatment plan. Dr. Sadira may use different points and techniques in each treatment based on your needs and how your body responds. Each session also includes essential oils for Aromatherapy, infrared heat lamp and or electrical stimulation (if appropriate) and finishes with a few min of light massage on area being treated with either an analgesic ointment or aromatherapy massage oil.


Add on Cupping Therapy to an Acupuncture Treatment - 15 min ($25)

An extension to your relaxation and therapeutic benefit from your acupuncture treatment, which can further release any areas of muscle tightness. Cupping is a modality that has been used in Traditional Oriental medicine over 2,500 years ago. It is the use of suction cups on the body especially tight muscles and areas of pain.

*Please note that most insurance plans do not cover acupuncture treatment, but our office does provide proper documentation required for reimbursement purposes.


* FSA and HSA cards may be used for payment of this service.  

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