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The end of Summer marks the start of new beginnings, including a new school year.  Going back-to-school can produce stress to your body that can build up and over time results in not only physical pain, but also impacts your nutritional and emotional well-being.  So wh...

Poor posture in children has become an epidemic.  While you may be familiar with the causes of poor

posture – heavy backpacks and slouching over an iPhone or video game to name a few – the long term effects of poor posture can be devastating.  If gone unchecked and untr...

Foot pain is a common complaint that can be related to flat feet and arches that are very high, as well as to the type of footwear you tend to wear. Even though it’s common, you shouldn’t overlook or ignore heel or foot pain, since it can limit your mobility and preven...


Stop reading this for a minute—and think about your shoulders. Where are they? Are they rounded? Are they causing a strain in your neck?  Many of us have little or no awareness of our posture, but poor posture can contribute to a host of problems, including muscle pai...

 A parent's guide to a successful and injury-free season.



On the one hand you want your young athlete to excel, grow and succeed at their chosen sport. On the other hand it seems like everybody out there wants to put their hands in your wallet. It’s a real balancing a...

January 26, 2016


The reason you feel so tired all the time could be a vitamin deficiency, and a multivitamin’s not enough to fix it.  

It's not surprising that nutrient deficiencies are fatigue causes, given that your body’s trillions of cells rely on vitamins and minerals to gen...

July 25, 2015

Fat s NOT a bad word and is not your enemy.  Fat is a necessary component of a normal diet. It provides energy and essential elements of cell membranes and associated nutrients such as vitamins A, D and E. You should keep your fat intake to 20-35% of their total energy...

October 12, 2014


Recently someone mentioned to me how inspired they were when they saw a video of me working out with my kids.  I  vaguely remembered the video I recorded about four years ago when I was training for a figure competition.  I had been asked so many times, "how do you fi...

September 1, 2014

As the school season starts, experts warn that overloaded backpacks often result in back injuries among both children and young adults.

More than 13,700 kids aged 5 to 18 were treated in hospitals and doctors’ offices for backpack-related injuries in a single year, acco...

May 25, 2014

Taking short cuts at the gym could be sabotaging your workout. Fitness experts say you might have bad workout habits you do not even know about!

Fitness expert Cheryl Brown said it takes more to lose weight and stay in shape than merely going to the gym. It is important...

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