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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you accept car accident patients?

Yes, you will need to contact YOUR auto insurance to initiate a claim and obtain a medical claim number.  Medical care coverage (PIP) is paid by YOUR insurance company, regardless of who was at fault for the accident.



What Techniques and Services does the doctor offer?

  • Gonstead Technique  

  • Diversified Technique

  • Thompson Technique    

  • Flexion & Distraction Technique  

  • Activator Technique              

  • Inversion Table

  • Graston Soft Tissue Mobilization   

  • Muscle Release Therapy- Spinal and Extremities 

  • Cupping

  • Red light therapy

  • Ultrasound therapy

  • KT Taping

  • Electrical stimulation

  • Nutrition analysis/Functional Medicine

  • Nutrition Counseling/ Weight loss

  • Vibration therapy


Do you accept insurance?

Yes, we are in network for many major insurance companies.  We also offer a Time of Service Discount and monthly payments for our Chiropractic Wellness Memberships. We are a provider for the following major health insurance companies:

  • UnitedHealth Care

  • Cigna

  • UMR

  • Optum

***Please note that it is the patient's responsibility to verify that your plan covers services at our office***

How much will my appointment cost if I have one of the above insurance plans?

This depends on your specific plan, but it is usually the amount of your copay for a specialty provider. Please contact your insurance company directly for verification of chiropractic benefits AND confirmation that our office is in-network.

What is the cost of a chiropractic visit if you do not have insurance?

We offer our self-pay patients a Time of Service Discount of 30%.

The cost of an initial examination ranges from $80 - $110 and follow-up appointments range from $50-75.


What is the cost for massage therapy with licensed massage therapist?

$75 / 50 min session

$175 / 2 hour session

Does insurance cover massage therapy at your office?

Almost all insurance plans DO NOT cover massage therapy (CPT Code: 97124). However, we are more than happy to provide patients with a super bill to submit for possible reimbursement by your insurance company.  Please contact your insurance directly to verify if reimbursement is available. We also accept FSA and HSA cards as a method of payment.

What forms of payment do you accept?


All Major credit card (except Discover)

Debit cards

HSA cards

FSA cards





*we do not accept checks

How Long will my Visits Take?

This all depends on the length and severity of your condition, however, most first visits may last as much as 45 minutes. Follow-up visits are much less, usually about 10-15 minutes.

How Often will I need to Return?

At the end of your first visit, your doctor will determine the best course of treatment for your specific needs. The frequency in which you receive chiropractic care is strictly up to the professional judgment of the Physician and will vary from individual to individual depending on your presenting condition and overall goals. Just as regular visits to the dentist are necessary for good dental hygiene, routine visits to a Chiropractic Physician for proper spinal function and health maintenance are also important.

Do you do imaging (Xray/MRI) at your office?

We do not, but if the doctor determines imaging is necessary, a referral will be sent to an imaging facility of your choice.

Have more questions? Feel free to Call us at (407) 670-0890, or Contact Us.

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