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Corporate Wellness Programs, Corporate Fitness and Nutrition Services designed to optimize your employees health and productivity.


Health Risk Assessment
Determining What You Need

Our customizable Health Risk Assessment (HRA) questionnaire allows you to determine your  key lifestyle health trends.  HRA provides participants with a personal wellness report that includes specific steps and individualized recommendations to improve overall wellness.  At the end of the testing period, you receive a detailed, aggregate report that analyzes and outlines your high-risk areas.

Healthly Lifestyle Education Series​​​ 

Seminars, lectures and educational materials

​BWell Programs offer a wide variety of onsite programs that bring health-enhancing education, services, and coaching to you.  Simply choose from a selection of our seminars or wellness education topics and discover the healthy change that face-to-face meetings can inspire in you and/or your organization  Whether planned as a stand-alone event or to support an existing program at any stage, our onsite services have become an essential and anticipated component of many successful wellness programs.


1-on1 Health Coaching

One-on-one support

Everyone needs a nudge to get moving.  We provide access to a professional, trained coach who will help you achieve the results you want.  Your coach works with you to set small, achievable goals and provides encouragement and accountability along the way.  With access to your HRA data, your coach can help determine appropriate lifestyle changes to accomplish wellness goals.  Clients receive a personalized exercise guide, food plan, and weekly assignments. Coaching is available by phone, through secure web messaging, and by instant message.


Online Programs
Valuable online resources

BWell provides a variety of online resources to help you accomplish their goals and learn about various programs.  These resources are perfect for those who may not be comfortable engaging with our coaches.  They also are a great complement to working with a coach.  BWell provides unlimited access to these online tools on the secure, members-only portion of our wellness website.  There are online programs, tutorials, and progress trackers for weight management, exercise and fitness, tobacco cessation, and more. 


a culture of wellness throughout your organization, and your account manager is an invaluable resource to make that happen.

Onsite Fitness Classes
A body in motion...

​This is where peer support (and pressure) come into play.  Our certified trainers will come to your company and instruct participants in a variety of classes that include both strength and aerobic training.  Classes are specifically designed  in such a way that participants, both men and women, are working at their own ability level, while still being challenged.


​To learn more about our program or for a demonstration, please contact us.

Onsite Screenings

Step One

​Our BWell Corporate Wellness Program begins with an onsite bio-metric screening event to determine clients' baseline results. Our professional, degreed, and courteous staff  take objective measurements for trackable improvements in the following seven (7) risk factor determinants:


  1. Cholesterol (Total, HDL, LDL, ratio)

  2. Blood glucose

  3. Body Mass Index (BMI)

  4. Body Fat Percentage (4-site caliper method)

  5. Blood Pessure

  6. Resting Heart Rate

  7. Body Weight. 


All participants receive a  Baseline Report, summarizing their screening results in each category.


Next, we then identify participants who are borderline or high risk for any of the screening categories. These clients need to make healthy lifestyle changes and meet improvement standards in specific categories at subsequent health screening events to reach the goal of balanced wellness.

BWell Corporate Wellness Program

To learn more about our program or for a demonstration, please contact us.

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