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The mission of WIPP is educate youth, adolescent and teen athletes and their families on the preventative health care approach. Not only does this approach maximize performance, but more importantly attempts to prevent injury from occurring.  If injury has already occurred, we address the underlying causes of the pain and injury, rather than just treating the symptoms. Program components include:


1. Initial Screening:

The initial step before beginning the WIPP program is a detailed athlete screening process.  Screenings provide us with important information about each athlete that will aid in designing a program to meet individual health and performance needs. The aim of these screenings is to provide a starting profile of the athlete's baseline physical and medical status.


Screening Components:

Physical Exam - Sports Physical

  • general health screenings

  • medical history, diagnosis, treatment

  • anthropometric measures/growth

  • structural abnormalities

Musculoskeletal (includes injury history)

  • posture evaluation

  • static alignment

  • range of motion (hypo- or hyper-mobility

  • muscular imbalances

Fitness Screen

  • functional movement screen (FMS)

  • full-body flexibility

  • core stability

  • cardiorespiratory response

  • muscular strength & endurance

  • body composition

 Nutrition Screen

  • questionnaires and surveys on food, diet and eating habit


2. PHASE II:  Correction:

After identifying imbalances, movement dysfunctions and other problem indicators, we will begin implementing a corrective movement program so they will be physically prepared to begin our WIPP conditioning program.

3. PHASE III:  Strength:

Once we’ve assessed and corrected your athlete’s movements then, and only then, will we begin a full strength and conditioning program to ultimately make your child stronger, more explosive, faster, and an overall more complete athlete for their sport.

4. PHASE IV:  Wellness & Prevention: 

Participants receive nutrition and supplemendation guidance and family may attend 3 nutrition and wellness seminars held at our practice.  The program cost also includes 6 chiropractic or sports therapy visits.



Additional Program Benefits:

1. Youth sports are rigorous.  Screenings may be useful for determining safety for participation in sport.

2. Screenings may provide important and useful baseline data.

3. Screenings might indicate tendencies in a team or group that could later help identify injury patterns or other “workload indicator” patterns of that group. 

Youth Athlete Performance

Wellness, Injury Prevention & Posture Program (WIPP)

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